December 2017: VIA has won the Opet prototype stations invited competition!

November 2017: Started concept design work on a reuse project in Moscow.

October 2017: Opet oil exchange stations invited competition project submitted.

September 2017: Second phase of Tuzla residential project started, contractor to be appointed.

August 2017: Working on facade redesign of s rowhouse project in Tokat.

July 2017: Submitted concept design for Elginkan Housing in Sancaktepe, Istanbul.

June 2017: Designing the interiors of a high-end auto showroom in Canakkale.

May 2017: Starting a very large fast-track residential project in Istanbul

April 2017: A new hospital project in Gaziantep has been started.

April 2017: Facade and roof construction of Terrace Cadde completed. 

March 2017: Roya Tower in Erbil has been topped-out at 32 floors. 

March 2017: Bidding on a large office project in an industrial zone in Istanbul.

February 2017: Started a new project in Moscow, hoping the Russian market will pick up again.

January 2017: Submitted a concept design for an industrial plant in Guinea, Africa.

January 2017: Starting a business hotel project in Sancaktepe, Istanbul.


December 2016: Permit project for Avcilar residential project has been approved in a very-fast paced 1.5 months.

November 2016: After an invited competition win, VIA is starting a 3-tower residential complex at Avcilar, Istanbul. 

October 2016: New residential project concept alternatives are being prepared for Erbil.

September 2016: Construction of Selah Shipyard Office facades has been completed, interior fit-out is continuing.

August 2016: Sales office steel for the Telecom Towers project starting manufacturing. 

August 2016: Permit project for Vukela residence getting prepared for handing in to the Kadikoy municipality.

July 2016: Revising the neverending Marmara University project due to an additional road on the site plan.

July 2016: VIA has been shortlisted on the last invited competition, final results not announced yet.

June 2016: Completed and handed over the project for Istanbul Grand Airport.

June 2016: Working on an invited competition for a large scale residential development in Istanbul.

May 2016: Finishing works at Selah Shipyard office building have started.

May 2016: Working on several projects in Gaziantep and a new potential in Erbil.

May 2016: Diyarbakir office project has been submitted to the municipality, construction permit expected soon.

April 2016: After months of hard work, the construction permit has been finally signed for the Port Royal mixed-use project in Istanbul.

April 2016: Starting a new project as part of the 3rd Istanbul Airport (to be one of the largest airports in the world).

March 2016: Bidding on international projects in Moscow and Basra.

March 2016: Two Erbil projects consisting of multiple 30-floor high towers have both been topped out, facade works have started.

February 2016: VIA's LEED AP accredited architect Bahar Beyhan Inan has been invited to US Green Building Council's technical meeting in Berlin.

February 2016: Construction works have started on AlyaPark Pendik residence, foundation concrete to be cast soon.

January 2016: VIA senior architect Bahar Beyhan Inan has been awarded as LEED Accredited Professional to an extended period till November 2019.


December 2015: Starting a high-end residential project in central London, UK. Will be offering BIM services in the first phase of the design.

December 2015: Completed our first concept project in the Black Sea Region, in the city of Rize, Ayder valley, close to the border with Georgia. A rafting center with restaurants and a roof-top bungalow-boutique hotel.

November 2015: VIA has been invited for the design competition of luxury residences in Sariyer, Istanbul. VIA has been awarded first place in this competition.

November 2015: VIA has won the tender for the design of Department of Pharmacy at Marmara University wich will include a specialist medical procedure center in its basement, one of the few of its kind in Turkey.

October 2015: Working on concepts of a hotel project in Tuzla and a hospital project in Gaziantep.

October 2015: VIA has been shortlisted for an A+ office interior design project.

September 2015: Working on a villa project in Erbil and waiting for news about an office project in Ankara.

September 2015: It turns out the Doha project is an internet scam, lucky we realized it mid-way through.

August 2015: Giving an offer to 5* hotel project in Doha, Qatar. Would be exciting to work in the Gulf.

August 2015: VIA's awarded project Terrace Mix has received its residence permit.

July 2015: Working on a concept in Gaziantep.

July 2015: VIA has been awarded the interior design shop drawings of the hotel on Buyukada. Started the works.

June 2015: Bidding for construction and shop drawings of a hotel project on Buyukada, Istanbul.

June 2015: Office project permit drawings submitted to Diyarbakir Municipality.

May 2015: Entrance gate concept project for Marmara University's Anadoluhisari campus has been approved by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Bosphorus department. 

May 2015: Expanding the geography; working on a villa project in Sweden.

May 2015: Site works have started on the AlyaPark Pendik project.

May 2015: On the 1st day of May, the vision statement has been revised to reflect VIA brand's approach to concept design. Check it out.

April 2015: Designing facades of an office tower in Erbil.

April 2015: Pendik project submitted to the municipality, perimeter piling works to start soon.

March 2015: Foundation pour at the investment project in Goztepe, Istanbul.

March 2015: Bidding for a potential hospital project in Erbil, Iraq.

March 2015: Assisting on the design of the core of a residential high-rise in Miami, USA.

March 2015: Starting 2 large projects in Diyarbakir.

February 2015: Preparing concept designs for 2 more potential projects in Erbil.

February 2015: Bidding on a Moscow project, it is important to get new work in Moscow during the crisis in Russia.

February 2015: Starting 2 new projects in Pendik, one residential & one office.

January 2015: Preparing a design for an HQ office in Istanbul shipyards, interesting and exciting project.

January 2015: VIA has won the invited the competition in Pendik having been awarded 1st Place amongst 5 invited architectural offices!

January 2015: Piling works at 2 blocks in Roya Tower have been completed and first raft foundation has been cast.

January 2015: VIA has been invited to take part in a competition in Pendik, Istanbul.

VIA wishes all a Happy New 2015!

December 2014: Rublevo project facade works nearing completion despite the unfavorable financial conditions in Moscow.

December 2014: Excavation and piling works have commenced for Roya Towers project in Erbil.

November 2014: Waiting for the results of the invited competition for a low-cost local mall design in Dubai.

November 2014: Construction approval received for the Terrace Cadde project in Goztepe / Istanbul, excavation and foundation works are starting.

November 2014: The cities where this month's on-going projects are based at: Moscow, Istanbul, Erbil, Baku & Dubai. 

October 2014: ARTI / TROY had to move out of its head office designed by VIA. The new tenant (a financial services firm) liked the existing design so they decided to pay for and keep it to use the existing fit-out.

October 2014: Starting a large residential project just north of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

September 2014: Marketing model for Roya Towers trasported to Erbil and set up in the sales office.

September 2014: Construction of Kemerburgaz extensions nearing completion, university to commence soon.

August 2014: Catalogue for Roya Towers getting ready for print.

August 2014: Marketing model for Quattro Towers completed and ready for transport to Erbil.

July 2014: Construction works at Kemerburgaz University have started, design works for 2nd phase are on-going.

July 2014: Started work on Kemerburgaz University extension project, similar to the Marmara University's.

June 2014: Starting work on a potential office fit-out project in Moscow's Imperia Tower.

June 2014: Facade alternatives being studied for Terrace Göztepe project.

May 2014: External decorative brick facade works have started at the Rublevo site in Moscow.

May 2014: Projects for the revision of Marmara University's Pharmocology Faculty submitted.

April 2014: Landmark/Skymark/Signature project has restarted once more, this time construction will commence soon hopefully.

April 2014: Construction at MRF Tower Mall & Office projects on-going.

April 2014: Piling works have started at Quattro Towers in Erbil.

March 2014: Demolition permit has been obtained for the Göztepe residential tower project.

March 2014: A new project at Marmara University started, 2014 is more and more becoming an "academic" year for VIA.

March 2014: Submitting offers to projects in Africa and Dagistan, hoping to gain ground in new market geographies.

March 2014: A site visit to Comakdag, Labranda and Milas was made for the new studio project at Bilgi.

March 2014: VIA and partners lost the Kok project tender, you win some and you lose some.

February 2014: Vehbi started teaching at 2nd year architectural studio at Bilgi University.

February 2014: 1200 apartments residence project in Erbil getting construction permit soon, another 1000 apartments project again in Erbil submitted for approval.

February 2014: Potential large projects in Moscow and Erbil are expected to start.

January 2014: Volatility in emerging markets is having quite an impact on our Russian & Turkish projects.

January 2014: Terrace Mix site visited, construction progressing quite fast.

January 2014: Construction of Imperia Tower cafe (of which VIA had prepared the interior design projects) is completed.

January 2014: Field trip to Erbil, lots of design and construction potential.

January 2014: 1200 units residential project in Erbil, North Iraq submitted to municipality, construction to start soon.

VIA wishes a Happy New Year, hoping 2014 will bring great chances for good design.

December 2013: Concrete pouring started at Moscow residential project, brick towers in a lush landscape by the river...

December 2013: Permit documentation submited soon for the Erbil project, piling and foundations works expected to start soon.

November 2013: Starting a new A-class residential construction documentation project in Moscow, interesting brick facades.

November 2013: Architectural, landscape and interior concept designs of the Arbil project are approved.

October 2013: Breaking into new territories; starting a high-rise residential project in Arbil, Northern Iraq.

September 2013: Terrace Mix has received the "Best Mixed-Use Development Turkey" award at International Property Awards 2013.

August 2013: New residential project in Istanbul has started, consisting of 160 units in low-rise blocks, surrounded by medical r&d buildings.

July 2013: Zorlu Raffles Spa construction drawings completed and handed in, construction has started.

July 2013: VIA's project in Moscow going full steam ahead, a coordinator architect is based full-time at Moscow.

June 2013: VIA's alternative vision for Taksim Square published in XXI's magazine's June 2013 issue.

May 2013:  Starting work on construction documents of an office park in Moscow.

April 2013: Construction works started at Raffles Spa in Zorlu Center.

April 2013: Working on a bridge competition and completing working documentation works in Raffles Spa at Zorlu Center.

March 2013: Bidding on several design&build investment/construction residential projects around Bağdat street in Istanbul.

March 2013: Construction works at Artı Computer's HQ and Apple store completed.

February 2013: Construction works at HDI Insurance HQ lobby completed.

February 2013: Foundation construction works have started at Terrace Mix project.

January 2013: Construction works have started at Artı's (Apple PR) HQ in Şişli.

January 2013: Interior construction works at 7th floor of HDI Insurance HQ has been completed including the CEO's room.

VIA wishes a Happy New Year to all, good luck in 2013.

December 2012: An interview with Vehbi Inan can be viewed in INDER's (magazine of Istanbul Contractors Association) December 2012 issue.

December 2012: Works have started on a VVIP office interior design project in Baku, Azerbaijan.

December 2012: Starting work on a prestigious spa project in Istanbul.

November 2012: Working on possible future projects in Yaroslavl, Bodrum & Astana.

November 2012: Terrace Mix project very close to getting municipal re-approvals.

October 2012: Presented the designs for a hotel in Astana to Kazakh state authorities.

October 2012: Construction of a kindergarten (design performed as social responsibility work) completed and building handed over to the school management in Eyup, Istanbul. 

September 2012: Completed tender work on two 5* hotel projects in Mecca, KSA.

September 2012: VIA was at Warsaw and Prague for a future office park project in Moscow.

August 2012: Structural works on Ozbay-Tekinalp Villa in Sile, Istanbul completed.

August 2012: Working on pricing of a modern mosque project in Grozny, Chechniya.

July 2012: Work on Sheraton Hotel in Rostov and MIBC Plot 16 Carpark in Moscow on-going.

June 2012: Started working on the interior design construction drawings of The Pearl Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

May 2012: Construction was completed on the Apple service center interior design project and the renovated center was reopened.

April 2012: Starting on the concept of a hotel-aquapark-mall mix-use in Moscow.

March 2012: VIA started working on partial construction projects for Muscat International Airport in Oman.

February 2012: Tender stage for the St. Petersburg project has been completed, waiting for news about a successful bid.

January 2012: Working on hotel and congress center concepts in Turkmenistan.

VIA wishes a Happy New Year to all, 2012 seems to keep in store interesting potential projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

December 2011: VIA has been awarded the construction documentation for Terrace Mix project by Inanlar Construction.

November 2011: VIA has been awarded to design the interiors of HDI Insurance HQ.

July 2011: Tender projects for the Skymark Tower have been completed.


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